Chart2Recovery of upper-limb function after central paralysis is an uphill battle that can sometimes be won through intensive repetitions of task-oriented exercises. To help clients with these, we developed The Hand-Arm Rehabilitation Interface System.

HARI helps clients actively guide their arm and hand through task-specific motions while providing biofeedback of their muscular effort.HARI works with the therapist through all stages.

The goal of neurorehabilitation is restoring natural motions. To achieve this, proper body position is crucial. HARI is designed to easily position the arm for optimal movement facilitation and is thus a versatile tool for helping clients practice elbow extensions, grasping and finger extensions. HARI has been tested in a clinical trial on patients with hemi-paralysis due to stroke, and has proven to be highly effective in improving upper-limb function, and easily integrates into rehabilitation protocols.

The conceptual diagram depicts the HARI rehabilitation method.